It’s almost Valentine’s Day…

Ok y’all I tried really really REALLY freakin hard NOT to write some sort of mushy lovey dovey post and I sat staring at a blank screen for far too long.

There’s only ONE thing – well there are always a bajillion things – on my mind and nothing else is jumping off onto the page.Practical Magic

Have you ever seen the movie Practical Magic? From 1998 with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman?

Well… In this movie, Sandra’s Character Sally has this “formula” for the perfect man that she will love forever… and it’s crazy things like:

~ he has one blue eye and one green eye
~ can ride a pony backwards
~ can flip flapjacks in the air
~ his favorite shape is a star

Silly right?

Well… what if I told you that after two divorces and a few disastrous relationships, I too had a list… And for the last year or so, I really thought that *maybe* I was being too picky and came to terms with the idea that I would rather be single than settle again.

I have an amazing life with a remarkably close family and fantastic kids.  I am surrounded by some of the most impressive women I’ve ever met and am honored to call them friends.  I fill my free time with things that fill my soul and I honestly didn’t think that my life could get any better.

But what if.

What if my list was simply telling the universe what I wanted and setting things into motion?

What if there is someone out there who is exactly what we need, want and desire?

What if two people, looking for something real,  find each other in a sea of bullshit?

What if…

I’m not going to share my list just yet… I still have a few items that have not been crossed off yet and I wouldn’t want to give an unfair advantage to the gentleman wooing me… otherwise, the spell won’t work.

but what if.

Now, before my friends start planning the intervention…

I know it’s still new.  I know that there is still much to learn. I’m not going in with blinders on.

As a good friend reminded me – Look, at “our age” the worst that could happen is you could get your heart broken but you have me to pick up the pieces… again.  Follow your heart.  Life is too short as it is.

I’ll give y’all 3 guesses who shared THAT with me…




  1. That friend of yours is a fucking genius.

  2. I think I’m still figuring out what my list is. Or if I have a list. Or if I need one. And I’ve been married for 10 years!

    Also, I haven’t seen Practical Magic. Is that bad?

  3. He’s GOOD. So smooth you could slip in the puddle. Do approve.

  4. Some of us don’t even know we have a list. I didn’t, until she walked into my life. And then I said, “I’ve been looking for you.”

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