Adding Probiotics to the mix – {Review}

I’m not a doctor.  I don’t even play one on TV so this post is NOT intended to offer any kind of medical advice whatsoever.  I can only speak for my experiences and what works for me all the while knowing and understanding that everyone is different.

Over the last few years, we’ve heard lots of advice on things that can help us in our daily lives… essential oils, amino acids, vitamins, extracts, etc… and I don’t usually put a lot of stock in them.  I eat {mostly} good, whole foods.  We cook a lot from scratch to help eliminate the processed crap.  I’m not allergic to ANYTHING {not even insect bites.  Seriously, I don’t swell at all when bit by a mosquito or stung by a bee} and feel like I probably get a lot of what I need to support a healthy lifestyle just from my daily diet. I’m not perfect though and there are plenty of times when my “diet” is craptastic.  On those days and those that follow I’m left feeling horrible and bloated and well, off.

So when I was offered the opportunity to try Advanced Probiotics at a discounted rate, I thought I’d give it a shot.  And with the upcoming Listen to your Mother show, the last thing I wanted was to feel bloated and gassy on a stage… with a microphone…


The truth is, I didn’t notice any major changes.  Nothing earth shattering happened… which was probably good since you know, that microphone thing.  But what I also noticed is that some of the foods I love {like cake} that usually leave me feeling less than optimal, had no effect on me.  And that got me thinking because while I’m not afflicted with celiac, I know that my body struggles to process bread and other simple carbs.  Don’t get me wrong – I still eat them, but I often hate myself afterwards as my tummy yells at me for causing it harm.

I didn’t even honestly think that much about it until I looked back at my “diet” {and by diet I simply mean the food I put in my pie hole} over the last few days… there were sandwiches, wine, wraps, CAKE, wine, grilled cheese sandwiches… {yeah, this isn’t a “how to lose weight post obviously} I have been eating horribly with the chaos at home and the Listen to Your Mother show and time spent with friends.  Normally my body would have revolted by now and I’ll be honest, I’d totally deserve it if it did… but this time?  My body isn’t.  It is operating at peak levels.  Maybe it’s nothing more than a coincidence, but truth is, I have to believe that it’s the probiotics I’ve been taking each morning.

So I did some more digging…

Probiotics are naturally found in some foods.  Things like sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, miso, pickles, tempeh, kimchi and kombucha tea.  Things NOT normally consumed in the daily life I live.  Probiotics are simply any food or supplement that contain good bacteria. And while usually the term “bacteria” elicits images of dangerous microbes that make us sick {Blue bell ice cream and the latest Listeria breakout} our bodies are filled with these tiny organisms that help us to break down the nutrients from the foods we eat and keep our bodies balanced.  Good bacteria are used to make things like yogurt and cheese… and we all know how much I love cheese.  

Good bacteria are essential for breaking down the food we eat and when we don’t have enough of them in our digestive system, things can get wonky. By adding good bacteria through probiotics, we are helping our bodies to process food more efficiently.

In addition to digestive health, there are studies that show that the addition of probiotics can help with overall immunity. Although those studies admittedly are limited in data, some studies conclude that the addition of probiotics have been linked to enhanced immune responses and improved women’s health.

Again, I’m no doctor.  I don’t even play one on TV but I know how I feel. And even with the most carb-laden craptastic diet this past week, I still feel amazing considering how I should feel.  

If you’ve been considering adding probiotics to your diet, here’s a chance to do so and save a bit in the process.  When you order your Advanced Probiotics and use promo code OLW9QPFT, you can save 30% and get your Advanced Probiotics for $13.99 instead of $19.99.  

If you have any experience with probiotics, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.



  1. I ordered these probiotics with your discount code and started using them recently. I’m currently on an antibiotic so I feel better knowing I’m restoring balance to my body with the probiotics. Thanks for sharing the discount!

  2. I totally need to start taking probiotics! Thanks for writing about your experience. I’ll look into Advanced Probiotics.

  3. I noticed similar effects when I was taking some probiotics with antibiotics when I was sick a couple months ago. Like a smart person, I tucked them in the medicine cabinet while cleaning up one day and of course forgot to keep taking them. But, you’ve inspired me to dig them out and try again!

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