When left to my own devices…

I make questionable decisions.  It’s a fact proven time and again.  For those who don’t know, my “people” love my hair.  Between that and my rack, those are the two things I receive the most comments on.  Friends have actually forbidden me from cutting my hair.  

And yet…

cutting your own hair


After arriving home from a long but productive day, I sat in my room and needed a change.  I’ve been in a bit of a funk for the last few days… okay, weeks.  As anyone who has struggled with depression can attest, there’s rarely “that thing” that triggers the funk and instead you just feel the grey start to seep in.  

I texted Evin before I did anything of course… because that’s what besties are for…

“I think I’m gonna cut my hair.  It could go horribly wrong but…”

She replied as expected

“It’s my duty to talk you out of these things.”

Of course I didn’t listen.


It would have made far more sense to just schedule an appointment for a professional to do something with my locks… but as I stood there, fresh from the shower, staring at the scissors… I just started cutting.  With the first snip of the steel blades, I was filled immediately with a twinge of remorse.  

Holy shit.  

Why did I start that short?  

Holy hell… there’s no turning back now.

Ironically, I’m re-watching the Mad Men series and last night’s episode was the one where Sally cuts her own hair.

As anyone who has cut their hair, either themselves or had a professional do it, knows, there really is no turning back. Unless of course I was aiming for some sort of new look that involved half my hair being long and the other half being about 5 inches shorter.

5 inches.  For some that’s a helluva lot of hair… for me… not so much.  I continued snipping away here and there, shaping and trimming… and while I do NOT recommend that anyone cut their own hair, for me it was kind of therapeutic. 

Cutting off the fried, dead ends, my hair feels lighter… healthier.  And it’s kinda like that in life too, no?  removing the things, people, ideas that are no longer vibrant forces in our lives can make a huge difference.

I likely spent about an hour in there… carefully evening up the layers… trimming just a smidge more here and a touch more there… staring at my reflection and noticing how impactful a hair cut can be… I felt lighter.  Healthier.  Ready to face another day. 


Of course, just as I finished up the last cut and PUT. THE. SCISSORS. DOWN… I get a spam email notification that honestly had me laughing out loud.

hair loss

Well played spammer.  Nice timing.





  1. Beautiful regardless! AND you did an awesome job. I swear I wouldn’t have known if you won’t have told me!

  2. It looks beautiful. As a fellow self-hair-cutter I salute you! (Also, wow, you really did a kickass job. Really.)

    • Funny story… Part of last night I kept hearing YOU in my mind saying “it’s just hair. It grows back.” And while I don’t know if you’ve ever ACTUALLY said that to me before, it’s totally something you would say. #selfhaircuttersunite

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