Treats… no Tricks with UNREAL Candy

You can’t go into a store around here without seeing two things… Longhorn Football tailgating gear & Halloween decorations and costumes.

Tis the season I suppose.

Ever since I joined Mamavation, and my eyes were opened to what was really in the foods my family consumed, I passed this point of no return… foods we used to love now taste metallic, plastic, fake.  The majority of the foods we eat now are as preservative free as possible and I honestly can’t remember the last time I made up hamberger helper… which was a staple weeknight meal for a while.

I love this, but what about candy and chocolate… I mean, you can’t expect me to give THOSE up too?  And especially at Halloween… I mean the whole entire holiday is around candy… and (at least in my neck of the woods) you do NOT want to be the house that hands out pencils and stickers…




Thanks to UNREAL, I don’t have to feel like a hypocrite!

Created by a candy loving, 15 year old boy upset by his parents when he awoke to find they had confiscated half of his Halloween loot a couple of years ago, UNREAL delivers candy with less sugar, more protein and more fiber.  Unlike typical candy bars, UNREAL candies can proudly claim:

·        No corn syrup

·        No hydrogenated oil

·        No artificial flavors

·        No GMO’s

·        No synthetic colors

·        Responsibly sourced ingredients, including:

o       Traceable cacao beans from Ghana and Ecuador

o       100% sustainable and organic Palm Kernel Oil sourced from a sustainable and organic plantation in Brazil

o       Dairy from free-range cows pasture raised without antibiotics or added hormones

o       All natural origin colors, coming from plants like beets, red cabbage, etc.

o       30% less sugar, 60% more protein and 250% more fiber


Finally, parents can feel good about what they pass out on Halloween, and still be the cool house on the block.  UNREAL™ is on a candy coated mission to unjunk the world™, starting with the biggest candy holiday of the year.  Introducing five NEW better-for-you candies:

·        UNREAL™ 41: Candy Coated Chocolates

·        UNREAL™ 54:Candy Coated Chocolates with Peanuts

·        UNREAL™ 5:Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar

·        UNREAL™ 8: Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bar

·        UNREAL™ 77: Peanut Butter Cups


UNREAL candies taste great and are offered at the same price as typical candy bars.  Available at major retailers, nationwide, including CVS, Kroger, Staples, BJ’s Wholesale Clubs and many others, UNREAL prices range from $.89 to $1.29 for individual bars and $4.99 for the family sized bags


**I was not paid or compensated for this post in any way but am a fan of the products mentioned herein.**


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