Slim down Saturday-the scale is a lying bitch

Saturday is my official weigh-in with Ideal Protein. That’s not to say that I don’t hop on my home scale throughout the week but the official weight comes in on Saturday.
There are a lot of things I love about my Saturday morning ritual. I love that my coach is also my friend. I love that she greets me with a great big smile and so much positive energy that weigh-ins aren’t dreaded. What I love most is that the scale prints out a plethora of information beyond the number that only represents the amount of gravitational pull on what the cast of Altered Carbon refers to as this sleeve.

You see, when I weighed in at home, the scale barely moved. I was frustrated. I exercised all week. I ate the right foods. I said no to so many work calories- happy hours, pizza, catered lunches, desserts… I was “good” and my reward? A measly 0.8 lbs.

That would have been enough for me to say “Fuck it. Bring out the chocolate and wine because if I’m going to stay fat, I might as well indulge. ” That would have been enough for me to give up on my goal and resign myself to the idea that I’m just supposed to be fat forever.

So I walk in to my clinic and there’s Mimi with her endless sunshine that sometimes is real and sometimes is a mask and I’ve known her long enough that sometimes I can tell the difference.

The scale is ready for me. I step on. Take a deep breath. Remind myself that air doesn’t weigh anything so I can breathe normally. And the number shows the same as what I saw at home.

And then I wait. I don’t know how long it really takes for the analysis to process but it feels like forever. Then I hear the printout generate. Mimi goes to copy it for me and again I’m waiting for an eternity.

I’ve memorized the numbers from last week but I pull out last weeks slip anyway. My eyes widen as I realize- before Mimi can math it out- I did lose more than 0.8lbs. Because what the numbers show is that my muscle went up by 2lbs. My water went up. My fat went down by 2.8lbs. But the scale at home doesn’t show any of that. And now I’m smiling again.

It’s time to measure. I’ve been on plan for 4 weeks now. I’m terrified of what the measurements will show because I assume I’ll lose most of my inches in my chest… one of my favorite assets. Nope- a total of 8.5 inches and 5 of those stripped from my hips!

I leave elated. Rejuvenated. Ready to tackle another week of doing the right things because I’m 2.8lbs closer to my goal regardless of what the scale shows.


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