Running late

Last night we decided to run to a newly vacated duplex to evaluate its condition and schedule all the turn around activities since the new tenant is scheduled to move in next weekend.

We were all going to go, and the plan was to be there by 9:30am since mom and dad were headed to the lake later in the day.

Up at 7:30, I decided to take advantage of the cool morning to work on the cleaning/organizing of my storage unit. I told Dad to call me when they were getting ready to head to the duplex since I know how easily distracted they can be.

At 9:28 mom calls. “I’m just going to take a shower and then I’m going to head over- maybe 30 minutes or so” she tells me. I tell her to call me when she’s leaving the house.

10:58 mom calls again “I didn’t want you to think I forgot but I just plugged in my hair setter so I’m leaving in about 10 minutes”

I start getting myself to a stopping point and then head over to the duplex. Still no call 20 minutes later, I initiate the next conversation. “Did you get distracted by something shiny?”

“Well, I was reading ‘Giant’s’ email… And then was writing a response…”

“I’m at the duplex. Get in the car.”

For those who wonder why I’m perpetually late, or tragically early, this is why. I am my mother’s daughter.


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