Reasons or excuses…

Today is stupid. It’s a theme I’m hearing in a few different parts of my world today in various forms.

Here, it’s cold and rainy and gray. So gray. Mentally and physically. And as I was headed home from a work day that felt too long and sat in traffic for way too long, I started debating just going home, taking a hot shower, crawling into bed and hiding under my comforter with my old friend Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, that last part is still on my agenda but I also told myself that tonight I was going to go to the gym. God I don’t want to.

I thought of all the “reasons” not to… I’m missing a work happy hour… the weather is gross… my head is totally in the wrong space… my heart isn’t in it…

And then I realized that these aren’t reasons at all but excuses. Excuses to justify compromising on things that, in my right mind, I know help me to be a better person.

It’s not just about going to the gym… this has been a theme in all parts of my life. The little compromises based on excuses that lead me further and further away from the life I want.

“It’s just a cupcake and cupcakes are small so it barely counts…”

“I should call the boy whose mind I don’t cross at all. ”

“I’ll do this extra work but “next time” I’ll say no. ”

Next time never comes. And compromise after compromise leads to being so far away from the person I want to be that to get back there seems impossible and the excuses become the new normal.

But today… today I fueled my body with healthy choices. I went to the gym.

Today the excuses didn’t win. Today I’m one small step closer to the goal line.

And that will make that hot shower, crawling into bed under my comforter and hanging with my good friend Netflix that much better.


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