Parenting – Sense of humor required

I was ill prepared to be a mom. My own mother adopted my brother and I when we were already well past the baby stage – I was a toddler and my brother was a pre-k little boy. Late night feedings, dirty diapers, colic – these were all things my mother just kinda skipped right over so when I was expecting my first born, we were learning together.

I still remember her watching in awe over the contraction monitor as I was in labor, kindly telling me about each coming contraction – “Ooh… get ready, this one looks like a big one” Thanks mom.

I was blessed with remarkably healthy babies who rarely got sick. So when the eldest was about 2 years old and got a fever that I couldn’t break, we went to the ER because as any mom knows, fevers hit AFTER office hours. The nurses assumed that it was something major that required blood being drawn and as I held down my precious angel for them to try to locate a vein, well, it was nothing short of cruel and unusual punishment… for me.

After the 4th attempt, my sweet angel let out a blood curdling scream, clearly pronouncing what you all know is my FAVORITE word… that’s right, the F-bomb leapt out of his sweet mouth as the nurses, my mom, husband and I looked shocked and amazed.

Since then, there have been many many many more moments in the lives of my boys that left me speechless (no easy task) and shaking my head. Some have been hilarious while others… well, let’s just say I’m not up for any mother of the year awards.

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As for the F-bomb debacle? Shortly after the bomb was dropped, my mother was laughing so hard she had to leave the room… I siezed the opportunity to calmly explain that my sweet angelic child MUST have learned that horrid word from my mother. She was a coach after all… everyone in the room nodded like that somehow explained everything away. Then, of course, our nurses brought in other nurses to show off the little boy who not only used the offensive word, but used it in perfect context. It was the first of many proud mommy moments for me.

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  1. Brooke thinks it’s hilarious to smell people’s feet and call them ‘Stinky Feet’. I still don’t get that one…but quite embarrassing for strangers and us!

  2. One of my favorite MOMents was when my 7 year old brought a gift home to her less-than-1 year old brother. He looked at it and sort of threw it on the ground. She said, “He’s like, what the HE** is this??” I’d NEVER used that word in front of her!

  3. I won’t go into details (must protect the innocent, lol) but my husband and I found out that my daughter not only listened to us talking about certain family members…but could repeat said conversation verbatim at a family gathering. Awwww-kward!

  4. Well If having my son tell the neighbor she has hair on her face like a guy count as funny, then there you go

  5. LOVE Zarbees! We use it all the time with the kids!!

  6. I posted my big one on my own blog this morning but my kids are nothing BUT embarrassing moments. How about the time my son farted loud as shit in HEB and said, loudly, “MOooooOooom! That’s gross! Say excuse me!” … he was 4!!! FOUR!!!

  7. Funny moment? I’m sure I have sme I just can’t think of any!

  8. I was pregnant with baby #3 when my oldest, 4yr old at the time came rushing into the bedroom where I had just put my feet up to tell me his sister, 3yrs old, was coloring on things with a brown crayon. “Tell her to use paper only,” I said
    and I closed my eyes for a minute. “Mom, mom! She is coloring on me with brown crayon!” I opened my eyes to see a diaper clad toddler covered in black waterproof mascara. She looked like a sad clown from a black and white film. I started to laugh until I realized in the 10minutes that I had my swollen feet propped up she had colored every wall from the upstairs to the basement including the TV, clean laundry and the brand new cream colored couch that was unwrapped from our move 2 days prior. I only have a few workout pants that it didn’t come out of, but everything else cleaned up just fine.

    • BWAHAHAHA! it’s not motherhood until a child starts grabbing inappropriate things to “color” on … Thanks for the giggle 🙂

  9. We were riding home with a carful of groceries. I tell A, “When we get home I need you to help me with the groceries,” he’s 6 he can totally help.. He then asks, “Are you asking E?” I say, “no child I’m asking you, your brother isn’t even in the car with us and he can’t even walk yet!” and then he says, “Oh I thought you were talking to Siri on the iPhone.” And busts out laughing.. he’s a jokester/smart ass like his dad.. lol

  10. My hilarious moment? Do I have to pick just one?

    Most recently we were out taking photos in our pumpkin patch. We invited my SIL & BIL over with their new baby to get a pic of all the grandkids. My 3-year old daughter was smitten with her 3-month old cousin but was having a hard time holding him. He was sliding right off the pumpkin. The kids were smiling and the baby was screaming at the top of his lungs. Mid-pose we asked me son, “Owen, why don’t you hold Ben?” Without missing a beat or dropping his big beaming smile my son just kept shaking his head no. I think my husband got it on video is was perfect! … he is fine not having anything to do with babies. 🙂

  11. It wasn’t all that funny, but it was – last Saturday I was enjoying my first cup of coffee when my son threw a conductor’s hat on the table. At flew and flipped my coffee and spilled coffee over mail and other paper I had sitting on the table. I actually wasn’t mad: How did hit the only thing on the table that would make mess. Talent? Maybe

  12. I haven’t heard of Zarbees before. Where can I find it?

  13. Strawberryseed says

    OMG, that’s hilarious!

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