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Cinematic Love | Slightly Off KilterThe other day, I was talking to the Wooer about our mutual love of movies. In truth, it’s what inspired my post the other day about Popsicle Stick Solutions.

I’m the kind of person who enjoys going out with friends, catching a concert, enjoying social events with my fellow Bloggers, and just catching cool events around town. But on my “kid free” weekends, if you were to ask me for my all time favorite weekend, it would be curled up with a movie marathon. I’m on the go so much through the week that the ability to escape with a well done movie is appreciated.

My movie preferences are all over the map – a fact that doesn’t surprise anyone who knows me I’m sure. I appreciate all genres if it is well done, so my list of all time favorite movies includes everything from blockbuster types to the more obscure… and even some campy shit and movies that some of my friends would likely disown me for *cough* Twilight Sagas *cough*

So, as the Wooer and I discussed our movies, he says something along the lines of “We should make a list”

Well then you know, my OCD totally kicked in. Can I just “Make a list” well of course not. That would be simple. I’m not simple. I’m more like a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Don’t try to figure me out, just go along for the ride.

So I started with a list on my phone… mostly because I was in bed at the time and the Lappy was too far away.

But as you well know, a list on your phone is problematic. You can’t sort the list… you can’t easily add genres or actors or other information that would be useful for segmenting the list and I like to slice and dice my data.

So then I moved said list to excel. Better, but I wanted to be able to search for things. Like maybe we want to watch a movie, but we want to watch a thriller that neither of us has seen. How does one search for that. Easy. You build a custom database.

Ok, to be more clear, maybe only I would go to that extreme.

And I did.

When it was all said and done, my list of movies alone was 151 strong. Ranging from classic Romance like An Officer and a Gentleman or Love Actually to animated movies like Frozen to “Based on a true story” types (The Blind Side, Radio, Men of Honor, Patch Adams, Rudy, Dangerous Minds… this might be my favorite genre by the way). There are some Sci-Fi and Horror and Psychological Thrillers and even a Western or two. This list is not even complete because every time I look at it, I think of more.

So then the Wooer sends me his list. Just a quick excel list – amateur – but his list has 147 movies on it. Spanning genres and time periods as well…

And then I compared the two…

  • 276 Movies on the combined list
  • Only 22 movies ended up on Both lists
  • 67 Movies that I haven’t seen
  • 51 Movies that he hasn’t seen
  • 6 Movies that neither of us have seen

I honestly don’t know which is more exciting to me… Watching someone’s reaction when I share something new to them or both of us watching something new together and then getting to discuss afterwards.

In the process, I discovered a few things
(1) I used to love to go to Hollywood Video and snag the 4 for $20 deals. Like books, I like to OWN my movies so I can watch whenever I want and am not reliant on having internet to do so. No I don’t Netflix. I’m a hold-out. I was slightly saddened to see how many movies I “lost” in the divorce(s).

(2) While I can’t STOP reading a series midway through, and have to finish the entire series before moving on to the next one, apparently I’m a slacker when it comes to movie trilogies (or more) and there are a number where I’ve seen one or two and never got back around to the later movies…

I also crowd-sourced a bit and threw out the call via Facebook to see what some of y’all’s favorite movies are. I was not disappointed and almost all of y’all’s faves were already on my list.

Regardless of what happens down the road, I now have a HUGE list of movies to catch up on. Which means I won’t be as stumped next time I’m in the mood to escape a bit.

As for the 22 movies that appeared on both lists? These might make me smile the most. Sharing an appreciation for everything from Grease to the Stieg Larsson series makes me smile.

And to think it all started with a simple comment… “We should make a list”


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