How to Look Like My Little Pony…

AKA – How to get Rainbow Hair

AKA – Yes, I AM going through a mid-life Crisis

AKA – HEY JENNY – I finally Blogged about it.

Yes, this post could have had many many many titles… the one about the mid-life crisis is probably most acurate to be honest… but the one I selected was the most fun.  The point here?  If we are facebook friends, you’ve already seen the colored tips that I had the luxury of having a friend do for me… and in another week or so, schedules willing, there will be more color added but I’m jumping the gun here.

When I posted the pics on Facebook, I had a person or 2 ask me HOW to manage this look if like, you are headed to the local beauty salon instead of having one of your besties come over and do it for you… and truth is… I don’t have a freaking clue… because for the most part, it kinda turned out like this due to a few “happy accidents” and yes… I watched way too much Bob Ross in my formative years….

But here’s kinda how it played out…

If you’ve been following along AT ALL, you know that the last few months have been… interesting.  I wanted a change.  I wanted to do something crazy… but not TOO crazy because you know, I still have to live in polite society and at least APPEAR presentable at times… so I wanted to color the tips of my hair – here’s why:

(1) I’m due for a haircut anyway… if I hated it, or if the boss decided it was too much, easily remedied with a quick hair cut. see how long my hair has gotten?  crazy… I know

(2) If need be, I can pull up my hair easy breezy and no one is the wiser.

So, we started with the idea…. just the tips in fun colors.  So, my darling friend gave me COLOR OPTIONS WOO HOO!

We used a color line from Pravana called ChromaSilk Vivids.  Look, I don’t know much of anything about hair color but this was the line my friend the pro suggested and who am I to argue with a pro?  I opted for the colors on either side of the purple because I wanted a kind of pink and teal look, but really, you can see the the options are ENDLESS.  Also – in order to make the green more fo a teal, we added some of the blue before application.

We talked about how I wanted a bit of pink ends… a bit of teal ends… and a bit that were still blond.  As I sat in my living room, talking about kids and men, and wine and chocolate, and whatever else came to mind, J managed to section off and color about 2-3 inches or so around my head… She even used color coded foils to keep the sections straight.

She started with the bottom-most layer and then… we went back and forth on whether to do any of the layers as well… and we decided yes… but in hind sight, I think that should have been a no…

Once the color had adequate processing time … theoretically this should be around 25-30 minutes or so, but in all reality, I have no freakin clue how long it was on… we were talking and didn’t really look at the time.  Oops…

There was also a phone call from someone’s mother right smack dab in the midst of it all… anyway – let’s call it 30 minutes.

After the processing was complete, that’s when we made our way to the kitchen sink.  and honestly, I think this was a magical time.  Something about the rinse of both colors and the way it all worked out gave me “rainbow hair” which I love.  Some parts are really dark teal.  Some parts are clearly pink.  But then, there are parts that are slightly purple and that’s kinda cool too.

You can see the color best of all when it’s in a Ponytail… lucky for me this is hairdo of the day most days.

final verdict?

I love it…. BUT, next time around a few changes will be made…

  • MORE COLOR – we are NOT coloring the ends of the layers next time, but we will go higher up on the tips – like 6 inches or so and possibly even a few full length under streaks to really make an impact
  • The pink should be left on a bit longer… I’d love it if it were brighter

I like the look in a pony tail… but even down or in a braid it’s kinda cool. Barely there, but still visible.

I can’t wait to share pictures on the next go round.  Until then, Thoughts??





  1. jennydecki says

    I want to hump your hair. Love it SO much!!

  2. LOVE it! You look beautiful! I want to do something like this my hair but since I just cut it (and it’s so short) I am going to wait until I have a back up plan incase I don’t like it.

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