Easy Breakfast for Dinner… or any meal

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In our family,  We love eggs.  SERIOUSLY love eggs.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that we love our chickens… and farm fresh eggs are BY FAR better than anything you can find in a store.  The difference is VISIBLE and the taste can’t compare.

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I suppose that’s true of just about anything though – grow it yourself and the flavor is superior… That’s prolly why people like to garden.  People who actually have time for that I mean.

In our world though, time is limited fo sho.  It’s often a race to get dinner on the table and more often than not, we are having “Mommy Surprise” – because it’s a surprise even to me what we are having.

But then there are the nights when nothing but Breakfast for dinner sounds good… and I’m not talking about grabbing a bowl and the box of cereal and telling the kids to fend for themselves.

This also works really well when you have a few things you need to use up in your fridge because eggs are so freakin’ versatile.

Now, I call this a frittata… maybe it’s more of a crustless quiche… who knows.  Here’s the thing – because it’s so flexible, there’s really NOT a recipe.  Here’s what I do.

  • Start with Bacon… because everything is better with bacon.  Cube it and start to render it.  Don’t have bacon?  use what ya got – cubed chicken or ham from last night’s dinner… sausage would work… did I mention this is versitile?
  • Add chopped onions – like onions a lot?  Use a whole one.  Not so much?  use half
  • Using raw veggies to fill out your Frittata?  Add them now. Pick whatever you have on hand or need to use.  This one used kale, mushrooms and broccoli
  • Drain the bacon grease (or heck, keep it in – I don’t care.  I drain it.  I want bacon flavor without bacon fat)
  • If you are using pre-cooked veggies – leftovers from last nights dinner perhaps, add them in now. If you already are chock full of veg, this step doesn’t count.
  • Add in 6-8 beaten eggs.
  • Stir to combine and then transfer the whole shebang into a preheated oven. (350* )

***Optional – Sprinkle with cheese before popping in the oven if you wish.  I love cheese but slightly less than bacon and sometimes, you have to make choices.****

Cook everything until the eggs are set and it’s no longer runny.  Depending on how much STUFF you threw in, that could be anywhere from 10-15 minutes or longer if you used a whole lotta eggs.  If you wiggle the pan, you can tell if the eggs are set or not.

Once it’s done, remove from the oven and slice into servings.  Add a nice side of fruit and perhaps a glass of milk and you have breakfast… or dinner… or brunch… or well, you get the idea.

I love this idea because (a) you can use up leftover veggies you may have that wouldn’t be enough for a meal but too much to throw out. (b) it’s a great way to use up veggies that are close to expiration date (c) My kids love helping make this – they beat the eggs and grab the fillings from the fridge. (4) It is truly simple AND Satisfying and with two growing boys in the house, THAT is important.

What’s your favorite way to make eggs into a meal?



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