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Today we are talking about something I take very seriously.  VERY seriously.  Today… we are talking Chocolate.

But not just any chocolate… See’s Candy.  The chocolate that I’ve known forever because it was my mother’s favorite and one of the things she missed after moving from California.  Every year, we would go to California to visit family in the summer and every trip included a trip to See’s.  When you walk into the pristine shop with it’s black and white checkerboard tiled floor and see the friendly staff waiting behind the counter in their crisp white uniform and infectious smile, it’s almost as if you are transported back to a simpler time made sweeter by the sample they hand out freely to each of their guests (more on that in a moment).  I’ve visited my fair share (ok, maybe more than my fair share) of See’s shops over the years and the experience is always the same.  Crisp White Uniforms.  Black and White tiles. Infectious smiles from the entire staff.  And I guess that last one makes sense… how could you be sad surrounded by CHOCOLATE!

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On our trips back to California, it became a tradition to stock up on a few boxes of our favorites to bring home in our carry on.  It’s not that See’s couldn’t ship them to us, but weather safe shipping gets costly and there’s something exhilarating about standing in front of the candy counter pointing out your favorites and knowing exactly what is in your box.  No need to poke your finger through the bottom.  No need to accidentally bite into something you don’t like.  You know because you picked each one.

And delicious?  Yes.

For over 90 years See’s Candies has been dedicated to making candy Mary See’s way. Only the finest, freshest ingredients are used in making each recipe. We add no preservatives to our candy. Ever. It’s quality you can taste in every piece. American made, famous for deliciousness, with the friendliest customer service – since 1921. 


Don’t get me wrong – they have packaged chocolates so you don’t have to choose if that’s your preference.  Boxes line the walls in either the iconic black and white wrapper or the seasonal colors as appropriate – but there’s something almost magical about hand picking a box.  They also have sheets on the wall with the various confections available so that you can circle your favorites to share with your significant other in case they want to surprise you with a box of love for a holiday, special occasion, to get out of the dog house or just because they thought of you.  It’s almost like when the Toys R Us flyer would come out and you got to circle the toys you wanted.  Yes. That.

And now – there’s a See’s Candy back in Austin! Today (Friday April 4th, 2014) is the grand opening of the location at 10710 Research Blvd next to the HEB in the North Hills Town Shopping Center.  There will be games and prizes and chocolate for all – including a gift with purchase offering – from 9:30 am – 7:00 pm.  

The shop is all decked out for Easter with a variety of Chocolate Bunnies, eggs, lollypops, and mixed boxes wrapped in the yellow wrapping that screams spring.

Easter | Slightly Off Kilter
Chocolate  | Slightly off KilterNow, Easter aside… I mentioned samples before.  Every time you go to See’s, samples are given.  Over a million pieces are given out each year in fact.  That’s a lot of chocolate! It’s a great way to know if you are going to like something before you add it to your custom mix or to try something new.  Last night’s event was no different and the friendly See’s Candy Staff were armed with their boxes of samples.

At one point, a few of us noticed that the sample box was left unattended… Boy were they trusting!  40 or so women and an unmanned box of chocolate?  Good thing they didn’t have wine too or we would all be in trouble.

If you haven’t noticed, I take chocolate pretty seriously but this isn’t really something you can experience from my blog.  Nope – you have to go check them out for yourself.  Whether you need a quick pick me up piece for now or a box for later… a gift for a friend or loved one… a holiday present or even just something sweet for your sweetheart, See’s won’t disappoint.

While I was there last night, I even got my own custom mix for later but don’t ask me to share… after all, this is chocolate – go get your own box!
Custom Chocolate Mix | Slightly off Kilter

 ***disclaimer – I was invited to join a group of other bloggers at See’s Candy at North Hills last evening where I was given samples of their chocolate however I was only asked to provide my HONEST opinion.  All of the images, opinions and thoughts are 100% my own and I received no additional compensation for this post.***



  1. It was SWEET to see you and yes, the candy is awesome!

  2. There’s nothing I love more than good chocolate. Looking forward to paying See’s a visit.

  3. See’s is a total family tradition for us. I love, love, love their chocolate!

  4. Oh my!! And it’s just down the road from me? I can’t wait to try See’s!

  5. If it’s food related you can bet on that. Have a great day!

  6. Last night was my first time out with “Austin Bloggers” as I usually only go to food blogger events. Y’all are a bunch of fun. Great post!

    • Thanks 🙂

      I haven’t done many events Austin Bloggers but every one I’ve been to is fun and amazing. So glad to meet you and hope to see you around another gathering in the future 🙂

  7. KC @ Average: More or Less says

    Love, love, love See’s chocolate! Back when we were Methodist for a couple of years, some good people brought a huge box for the coffee hour each Christmas. Sigh, I miss the Methodist coffee hour.

  8. I saw everyone’s pics on IG, Twitter, and FB last night and I was so jealous! Looked like a really fun night!

    • It was so much fun! Wish you could have joined is but now we have an excuse for an extra outing to See’s 🙂

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