Beginnings are exciting

I shared a week and a half ago that changes were afoot… Both professionally with my new career and personally with Medifast. 

Both are exciting and invigorating but it’s the personal changes I want to share with you today. 

So far with Medifast I’ve lost 3.5 pounds and while that is absolutely worth celebrating, it’s the non-scale victories that I like to focus on.

Be the best version of YOU

Medifast Be the Best Version of YouOne of the reasons why I wanted to participate in this program is that it is time I really focus on looking the way I feel.  I’ve often talked about how I have reverse body dysmorphia where I look in the mirror and see the girl I want to be.  And then, invariably, someone catches me on camera and I hate what I see.  The Medifast program is giving me a tool to allow my inner self to finally shine through.  While part of that is about weight loss, and 3.5 lbs is only the start of a very long journey, part of that goes beyond what the scale says.  

On my first visit, I sat with the counsellors who thoroughly explained the program.  There are several different plans based on your specific goals and needs, but for me it means that I’m on the Medifast 5 and 1 plan.  5 meals are Medifast meals with one of my own.  And with the start of the new job, holy cow has that come in handy.  I take my supplements in the morning (which include Omegas, probiotics, and B-12) with my first meal.  I’ve elected the Cappuccino because y’all know how much I love my coffee.  I don’t drink it hot like the box suggests, but instead mix it with ice to make a frappachino-like drink.  From there, I grab the bars and shakes I’ll need throughout the day and toss them in my purse on the way out the door.  

I’m going to be honest… I expected them to taste bad.  I was wrong.  They aren’t bad at all and while everyone will have their own preferences and tastes, I actually really enjoy them.  Especially the Chocolate Chip chewy bar or Dutch Chocolate Shake that is perfect for that “3:00 I need a candy bar” wall that I tend to hit late in the day.

Hunger is a feeling too

Another thing I’ve noticed right away is that I feel hungry for the first time in a long time.  I remember working with a nutritionist whose sage advice was to “eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.”  I remember laughing hysterically when she told me that because the truth was, I never “felt” hungry.  I’d eat because I was bored.  I’d eat because it was dinner time.  I’d eat because I’m an amazing cook and really love food.  I’d eat because I was sad.  I’d eat because I was happy.  I’d eat for a million reasons that had nothing to do with hunger.

Now that I’m eating every 2-3 hours, my body has adjusted and right about the time I should eat, I start to feel hungry.  I eat a bar or drink a shake or whatever it’s time for, and then, I’m satisfied.  Not full.  Not dying because I ate too much, but satisfied and ready to keep going.  

Support matters

Each week when I go in for my weigh in, I don’t dread it.  I know some people do, but the reality is that all of the counsellors I’ve met at the Round Rock center are friendly and fun and invested in my success.  I know I have an amazing support network in my friends and family, and y’all are awesome, but the staff being so genuine really makes a difference. 
Medifast_July OfferYou can expect weekly updates as I continue on this journey and in a few weeks, measurements will be included too.   But don’t wait for that. I’f you have been waiting to do something about your weight, NOW is the time to check out Medifast now. In fact, through the rest of July, they are having an amazing promotion. Their Christmas in July sale can save you 50% off program fees so what are you waiting for? YOU are worth it!

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  1. *poke, poke* I’d love to hear how you’re doing!

  2. I will be cheering you on!

  3. Sounds like a great plan! I love it when you find a thing that really works and feels good and isn’t a chore to follow. It’s so much better and less taxing. Way to go you!

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