Beauty everywhere – {Mostly} Wordless Wednesday

The last few weeks I’ve posted a Wordless Wednesday sans commentary… This week… not so much.

I had every intention of getting out there in the world and capturing beauty in unexpected places and sharing that with you.

That didn’t happen.

But a funny thing DID happen.  After a frustrating day when my feelings got hurt far more than I like I was determined to get my ass to the gym come hell or high water.

Yes, I’m still recovering from a sinus infection.  No I wasn’t going to kill myself with a full on beast mode workout.

I needed to get back on the horse and take care of me for a change.

And those of you who stalk follow me on the Book of Face already know this –

I walked into the gym planning to do 20 minutes on the elliptical.

After 5 I wanted to quit.
I didn’t.
After 10 I wanted to quit.
I didn’t.
After 15 I wanted to quit.
I didn’t

I shared the pic below on the book of face as proof of my efforts because in addition to the accountability I need, I need your Kudos and your cheers… and in return, I shall offer the same for you should you need them too because let’s be honest, can you ever have ENOUGH cheerleaders? I think not.

The more I looked at the picture though, there is more than just a sweaty selfie…

In that seemingly innocent picture, I see determination… strength… commitment… and that?  That is beautiful.

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  1. I love this so much! I hadn’t posted because I had big planes of capturing forgotten corners around my home and yard but this is amazing. And you are SOOOOO beautiful and Fierce (fierce like Sasha, Momma)!

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