Beautiful Brokenness

Years ago I was introduced to a singer/songwriter by the name of Karen Taylor Good. My mom and I heard her music and bawled… like you do… as so many of her songs hit us smack dab in the heartstrings.

You’ve heard her work if you listen to country as Patty Loveless sang “How can I help you say goodbye”, but you may be less familiar with some of her other work.

We played On Angels Wings at my grandmothers funeral…

I sometimes feel like I’m living her song “me there in the middle“…

Her song “Real” speaks to the person I strive to be with my friends and colleagues and other relationships…

And the songs “What I Need” and “Healing in the Hands of Time” have given me perspective over the years when it was most beneficial.

In fact, I have to say that On Angel’s Wings is my favorite of her CDs and you should definitely check it out in its entirety …

But tonight I sat and listened to the duet of Stowe Good. It’s the beautiful union of two talented storytellers as they shared their gifts with those of us in attendance.

They moved effortlessly between songs that made the room erupt in laughter and ballads that left us breathless. Seriously you should check out the StoweGood podcast for more of their hilarity and soulfulness… {and no – this is NOT a sponsored post. I paid my money like everyone else to attend this show.}

The duo shared the song Beautiful Man, Beautiful Boy and while they dedicate this song to the men in the audience, I couldn’t help but think of my own boy and men in my life.

The song Beautiful Brokenness though has a line that resonates with me so strongly it brought me out of my “I can’t find the words” slump.

Beautiful brokenness
That’s how the light gets in

Sit with that a minute. We all have our broken parts. The parts of us, like a broken bone, that never quite realign the way it was before. These things shape us and mold us into who we become.

We go through this life and the events shape us. It is up to us to remember that it’s the cracks that allow the light in and it is the light that can chase away darkness.

Embrace the broken parts. The parts that shape you. The parts that without which, you wouldn’t be you.


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