Welcome Spring. #mamavation Monday on a Tuesday

Hello Spring.  Welcome.  We’ve been expecting you.

Lots of people equate Jan 1 with a new year.  A new beginning.  A second (or third or fouth or … you get the idea) chance to do things differently.

I don’t

Spring has always been the season that makes me feel most alive.  Well, of course, you have to remember that I live in Texas so we really don’t have true seasons….

As I look out the window on my morning commute, I see the wildflowers sprinkled along the side of the highways now. Little tufts of blue and yellow and red.  and then I remember…

Last year was one of the WORST droughts and heatwaves we’ve had.  Even for Texas.  I don’t remember the actual statistics but it was well over 100+ days of 100+ temps and no rain for MONTHS.  Everything seemed to die off.  Everything was brown and crunchy… and then there were the wildfires… and the lake levels dropping… and towns running out of water to drink.

It was dismal.  But now?  everything is coming back alive… so perhaps not dead, but sleeping.  And everything around me seems to be waking up saying ok, we’re ready to give this another try.  Trees are flowering… Grass is again green…and my favorite part of spring, the wildflowers are beginning to bloom.

And sometimes, that’s how I feel.  sometimes I get in my funks… I’m like my sad little brown crunchy yard.  but when I pull myself up, when I push through, THAT’S when I really bloom.

I love Spring.  I love the fresh start.  I love the feeling that anything is still possible.  I love the inner knowing that nothing in our hearts is truly dead… just sleeping… waiting to try again.


This week’s Mamavation Monday question (yes, I know it’s Tuesday but yesterday was R-O-U-G-H so gimme a break) is one I’ve asked a million times…

How do you keep yourself active, when you really don’t feel like working out ?

The answer that works for me is that I tell myself – when I’m feeling like I have a SEVERE case of the “I don’t wannas” – that I will do 5 minutes of exercise.  That’s all.  Just 5 minutes.  Because you can do 5 minutes.  right?  but a funny thing happens… getting started is the hardest part so once I’ve got my 5 minutes done, I can keep that momentum going.

A body in motion stays in motion.  A body at rest stays at rest.  It’s like a law of physics or something.  So I try moving… Fake it till you make it 🙂

Happy Spring Y’all.  What is awakening in your world?

This post is sponsored by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway

P.S. I have SCOURED the interwebs looking for the original source of the image used in today’s post – it is GORGEOUS and I’d love to give credit where credit is due.  so… if you know who the artist is, shoot me a message so I can give the proper kudos.



  1. Gorgeous pictures! Spring is fast becoming my favorite season since moving to a place that actually gets winter (I came from SoCal). It gives me such a great feeling to see everything coming alive again.

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