A different kind of comedy show

Have you ever seen the show “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” I remember watching and being in complete awe at how these brilliant comedians could come up with such funny material on the fly. I always assumed it was somehow scripted because no one could be that spontaneously funny. But then I was fortunate enough to attend a live show here in Austin thanks to the generosity of Comedy Sportz Austin and what a fun night.

First of all, every show is different. Different casts, different games, and most of all different audiences. Because there is a plethora of audience participation, you truly shape the show.

Secondly, because of their stage being located inside Pinballz Lake Creek, you have the ability to order drinks, snacks, and even dinner during the show.

I originally planned to see this with a dear friend I hadn’t had a chance to see much due to the holiday/end of the year craziness but when that fell through at the last minute, I seized the opportunity to turn it into an impromptu girls night and we had a blast.

The night I went, the audience was small but that actually made it feel even more like we were part of the show. The referee kicked off the night with the rules of engagement and reminding us that this is a family friendly show (so you could even take your kids if you were so inclined) and explained how some of the participation would be following.

Next, enter the teams. Two teams battle through improv and challenges to see who is the highest scoring team with the Voice in the back keeping track. Because the Comedy Sportz family has grown so much since I last saw them a few years ago, you are bound to see unique game play whenever you attend.

I can’t even put into words how much we laughed throughout the evening and whether you are looking for a unique date night, a girls night out, or just need a few laughs alone, Comedy Sportz Austin fits the bill.

They currently have shows every Saturday night at 8:00 and are looking at adding in a Friday night show. They even offer improv classes for teens and are planning a high school league this summer.

Not in Austin? That’s ok! ComedySportz has been playing in cities all across the¬†United States and Europe¬†since 1984. So, next time you’re trying to figure out what to do and are tired of the traditional bar scene, and have seen all of the latest blockbusters, check them out. You won’t be sorry you did.


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