6 April Fools Pranks I’d totally do… if I weren’t lazy

I don’t play along with April Fool’s day pranks.  I’d love to tell you that’s because of some highly evolved empathatic reasoning, but the truth is… I’m lazy.

The best pranks require forethought and planning… some require clean up on the aftermath… all require precious time that I just don’t have to spare. 

I appreciate a good prank though… as long as I don’t have to do any of the prep or clean up so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from around the world wide web… along with commentary of course…
April Fools pranks

6 April Fools Pranks I’d totally do… if I weren’t lazy

(1) The Soap that Won’t

There are four issues I see with this prank.  (1) Who has time to cover a bar of soap in clear nail polish and let it dry? (2) What a waste of perfectly good nail polish (3) It’s hard enough to ensure my boys even USE soap in the first place because boys are gross and (4) we actually don’t use bars and use shower gel so this doesn’t work for me… 



In truth, I actually LOVE this one… and I think it’s HILARIOUS… but the time to stick those googly eyes on everything?  Ain’t Nobody got time for that…

(3) Food Color EVERYWHERE

Oh sure… in theory this seems like harmless fun… but with an older house, I can just imagine the hours of scrubbing with comet I’d have to do to clean this mess up… or the stained towels I’d have to launder.

(4) The Cake that Isn’t

HOLY CRAP WHO’S GONNA CLEAN THAT UP?!?!  No amount of laughs is worth that amount of cleaning.  Nope.  No Way.

(5) The Ketchup Prank

Same. As. Above.

Even the post indicates how hard it is to clean ketchup off the ceiling… and do you know who would be stuck with that?  That’s right, Me.

(6) Oreo Prank

Ok folks, this one?  It’s just MEAN.  {and a complete waste of good Oreo’s if you ask me}

Did you pull any pranks on your family or co-workers today?  Were any pulled on you?

Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Okay, he soap and eyes are funny but if you mess with my Oreos, I will take you out.

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