#365Thanks – Week 2 Recap

Continuing with the project Alysa (@inspiredRD) started – the #365Thanks Project – (in case you missed it and want to jump on in and join in the fun)

This week’s recap –

Jan 6 – Thankful for Zarbees – all natural cough syrup that allowed my kiddos to sleep in peace and thankful for creative children who make me smile – yes, he fashioned a fishing pole and hook out of pipe-cleaners and was “fishing” for Laundry Baskets!

Jan 7 – Thankful for the gorgeous weather we’ve been having.  Seriously, it’s weeks like this that make me LOVE being a Texan

Jan 8- Thankful that the eldest did NOT inherit my irrational fears of ladders as he removed the Christmas Lights from the house. (that he also put up a few months back)  The youngest – aka mini-me- DID inherit my irrational fear of ladders… but is great at picking up the light clips from the yard 🙂

Jan 9- I’m thankful for the nominations I’ve received for the Shorty Award in Social Fitness because it reminds me that my actions – good or bad – affect others.  and I have the choice to use that “power” for good 🙂

Jan 10- I’m thankful for the latest 2-week Challenge that is kicking my BUTT!

Jan 11- I’m thankful that I have close friends I can call no matter what and will let me celebrate or vent or mourn without question or judgement.  They know who they are and hopefully know that they are loved.

and today – Jan 12th – I’m thankful for Inner Strength.  Something we all have and tend to take for granted.

Beautiful reminder and Inspiration via Karen Salmansohn

We all have goals – right?  I mean we aren’t just sleep-walking through each day wandering like a toddler who has just found his feet – we have somewhere we would like to be.  And no matter what your goal is – to build a successful business, to lose weight, to share your life with someone worthy of your presence, whatever – it’s inspiring… and empowering… to know that you don’t have to be at the finish line RIGHT NOW.  Instead you can take your time and chisel away at your goals little by little.  each step you take can either lead you towards or away from your goals.  If your steps are leading you away from your desired destination, you can CHOOSE to either (a) re-evaluate your goals or (b) change the direction of your steps.

And having that knowledge gives you power.  and that power reminds you of the strength you have inside… that still small voice that gently reminds you that it’s been there all along and was just waiting for you to listen.

We are all strong in our own ways… when we stop listening to the negative noise and truely hear our resounding greatness.

And in case you happen to be in a spot that reminds you of a noisy frat party with too much chaos to really see or hear any one thing – hear this:

You are beautiful – inside and out

You are strong – but don’t always have to be

You are loved – even when you aren’t feeling it.

I was reminded by a dear darling friend the other night in the midst of an emotional dump (thank you Meagan) that while I am strong, I don’t have to always be.  I was reminded that it is OK to reserve my inner strength sometimes and let others carry me through the darkness.

I’ve again reunited with my inner strength and am loving the power that I have to create my own destiny.  I’m thankful that my inner strength never leaves us.  It just naps until we are ready to listen again.




  1. I love this Shelley! Totally inspiring.

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