#365thanks – Attitude is everything

Continuing with the project Alysa (@inspiredRD) started – the #365Thanks Project – (in case you missed it and want to jump on in and join in the fun)

You can read back on Week 1 , Week 2, Week 3¬†if you need a triple dose of Gratitude ūüôā

This week’s recap –

Jan 20 – I’m thankful for Science Fairs and the joy and pride my youngest felt that day. (he placed 2nd and is STILL beaming with pride)

Jan 21- I’m thankful for relaxing weekends with no prescribed “To Do List”

Jan 22 – I’m thankful for boys who like to help around the house. ¬†(We finally put all the Christmas Decorations up in the attic. ¬†Don’t Judge Me.)

¬†Jan 23- I’m thankful for a good news report on a “friend” who is on a pretty amazing journey. ¬†You should check out Team Hannah and Pete Cohen. ¬†Both are R.E.M.A.R.K.A.B.L.E. ¬†Seriously.

Jan 24- I’m thankful for Big Sexy Hairspray. ¬†Drink date after work and a rainy day does NOT make for a good hair day… but with the proper¬†preparation¬†(and a healthy does of hair spray) my confidence and hair were definitely uplifted.

Jan 25- I’m thankful for an opportunity to FINALLY check out Painting with a Twist (more on that next week) with some super fun gals! ¬†And I was able to awaken my inner Artist.

and today – Jan 26th – I’m thankful for sunny days – regardless of the weather. ¬†Granted, it IS sunny outside, but I know (from too much personal experience) that attitude is so freakin important.

Recently, my days have ranged from cloudy and gloomy to bright and sunny… and I’m not talking about what you see on the weather channel. ¬†Attitude is one of the most “accessories” we can put on. ¬†It is Powerful beyond measure…

However, there is good news and bad news about Attitude…

Good News:

You control your outlook… You control your demeanor… You control your Attitude

Bad News:

You control your outlook… You control your demeanor… You control your Attitude

That’s right… in a bad mood? ¬†Only YOU have the power to change that. ¬†That means you can’t blame anyone else. ¬†You have to take control and decide how you want to see the world and those within it. ¬† I know. ¬†It’s easier to blame others…
“He was mean to me and Caused me to be in a bad mood… ¬†“

“I was in a great mood until she did THAT…”

“I would be happy if only….”

Yeah… I know. ¬†Easier… but not right. ¬†We are not victims – we are in control of our lives and everything about it. ¬† We create our own destiny and if we don’t like something, we have the power to change it… and it ALWAYS starts with Attitude. ¬†It’s Empowering and Scary all at the same time.

I’m not going to say I’m always in a happy sunny mood… Those who REALLY know me know better. ¬†I’ll admit that sometimes I CHOOSE to wallow a bit in the dark and gloomy places – for a bit. ¬†And then, when I’m done with my pity party, I put on my big-girl panties and turn it around. ¬†Ok… I am making it sound easier than it is. ¬†I start small by doing some little thing to lift my spirits – make plans with an old friend… make plans with a new friend ūüėČ … Do a new manicure… Pump Up The Jam(s) (children of the 80’s sing along now)… Take a hot bubble bath while reading a trashy romance novel… do some yoga…. get my sweat on…. go for a drive…. clean out a closet… tackle a new project… Ok, you get the idea. ¬†My point is to do something – even something small to move your focus from whatever was dragging you down and get back to focusing on the positive in your world.

Don’t think there is a single positive thing in your world? ¬†Stop whatever you are doing… Close your eyes… Take a deep breath…. hold it for 5 seconds…. Exhale. ¬†Guess what? ¬†You are breathing and if nothing else, that means you are here to fight another day so CELEBRATE!




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