#365Thanks – Are you listening? No REALLY…

Continuing with the project Alysa (@inspiredRD) started – the #365Thanks Project – (in case you missed it and want to jump on in and join in the fun)

You can read back on Week 1 and Week 2 if you need a triple dose of Gratitude 🙂

This week’s recap –

Jan 13 – I’m thankful I finally had enough time to upgrade my iphone to the newest operating system… which subsequently ended the random re-boots… coincidence?  I think not.  Guess there really is a reason for updates, ya’ think?

Jan 14- I’m thankful for the support of Leah and Mamavation who helped me to get into a pair of 16 jeans!  Single digits aren’t THAT far off!

Jan 15 – I’m thankful I found these AMAZING tiles on sale that would later frame my bathroom mirror!


Jan 16- I’m thankful for Martin Luther King Day which always remind us where were… not that long ago…

Jan 17- I’m thankful for the opportunity to “Interview” (and by interview I mean babble on and on with) the Mamavation Mom Applicants.  Seriously an AMAZING Group of women!

Jan 18- I’m blessed by spending time with new and old friends who make me laugh and smile. 🙂

and today – Jan 19th – I’m thankful that I’m a part of a fantastic group – Austin Bloggers  – where occassionally I get to meet some pretty incredible women.  Like today’s lunch…but that will be another post.

And here’s where (again, continuing what I started a few weeks ago) I tend to get all “Deep Thoughts” on my post. (Anyone else flashback to Jack Handy? Just me… oh.  Ok.  Carry on then)

This week, as I mentioned above, I got to talk on the phone with 10 AMAZING women (ok, techincally, it was this week and part of last week but whatever – you get the idea) and I was totally amazed at how different and yet the same we all are.  I found myself listening to their stories of where they’ve been and where they are and my heart went out to each and every one of them.  But then I got to thinking… (and you know how scary THAT can be)

I’ve been known to appreciate people watching.  You know how like you are hanging out at the mall or coffee shop or park and you see people and mentally, you “create” their story…?  Ok, maybe that’s just me again… bear with me while I ramble…

You see a young woman sitting across from a young guy.  He’s leaning back in his chair sipping a dark beverage… she’s leaning towards him trying to catch his gaze playing with the straw in her frappa-whatever… she’s clearly interested in him… you want to shake her and say Girlfriend – he’s just not that into you.  Move on.  Don’t grovel for his affection.  He’ll want you when you leave. {insert mother’s advice here}

Yeah… I do that a lot.  Make up stories about who people are and where they are going.  Usually based on Body Language and little else.  But when I was talking on the phone with these 10 women, I didn’t have any visual cues to go off of.  I only had their voice…their words.  and I realized how even though I generally pride myself on being a good listener, in person I may be putting too much stock in the physical cues around me.  Judging people without even realizing it.  Not exactly something to be proud of… but by being aware, it makes it easier to change.

Now that the light bulb has turned on, I notice it a lot more often.  The good news is that knowing this, I can shift gears and refocus on what my conversation partner is really saying a lot faster than before.  Unless of course it’s my boss.  Then my eyes just glaze over.**  That could totally be a Deep though by Jack Handy…



**Totally kidding.  I hear and listen to every gem my boss utters because it is important to me.



  1. Quite possibly one of my favorites 🙂 Thanks Alyssa 🙂

  2. “If you drop your keys into a river of molten lava, let ’em go. Because man, they’re gone.” –Jack Handy

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