Because… Goats.

I don't know if this is something all women (and maybe the dudes too?) face, but I know that I get all kinds of chat requests and friend requests from people in far off lands.  I usually ignore these requests because... well keeping up with all of YOU … [Read more...]

The book of faces

The other day I asked a simple question.... I truly wondered if in this day and age of being connected if it were weird or strange not to be. And maybe the book of faces isn't your thing. I get that... But it got me thinking about my own world and I … [Read more...]

Just keep texting…

When I was a young girl, I was NOT in Girl Scouts.  I was a brownie for a while but then we moved and lost interest or whatever and I never made my way back.  I never had to challenge of selling the most cookies or earning the coolest badges.  I share … [Read more...]

Happies and Crappies from around the Web

Yesterday I talked a bit about my time at MomCom Austin and mentioned that one of the speakers spoke of Happies and Crappies.  {I'm not 100% sure that those are spelled correctly but what the heck.  They are kinda made up words ANYWAY...} So, today … [Read more...]

It takes a village…

Last weekend was Amazing.  So amazing in fact that it's taken me this long to wrap my head around it to share with you fine folks...Of course SOME of you were there which made it even more wonderful. Last weekend I spent my Saturday surrounded by … [Read more...]

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