Car Shopping the Right Way

Car Shopping the Right Way**Sponsored Post** Some of you might remember that fateful New Year's Eve when, while on my way in to work, a semi ran me off the road. Ok maybe not - but I do. It was terrifying. And everything kinda happened all at once and in slow motion at the same time. The semi swerved into my lane... my tank of a car started spinning out of control... Thank goodness that the streets were mostly empty that {keep reading}

The things we hang on to

It is a feeling of liberation mixed with sadness as I swept the last dead cricket out of my storage unit... a 10x30 space once filled to the brink with things I loved is now empty. Four years I've been hanging on to that storage unit and the things left inside. Four years that I've been holding on to "someday I'm going to need these again."   I'm glad that so many of those things went to people who needed them- most {keep reading}

Life Lessons - Part 1

Life Lessons - Part 1Lately I've been avoiding the blinking cursor on a blank page.  Y'all know I go through spells of silence so that's not really new... but lately, I've been seeing life lessons in the strangest of places.. and the thought occurred to me that I could share. Last week... maybe the week before actually, my Facebook feed BLEW UP.  Not with political rantings - although those were there.  Not with horrible news stories that incite anger and emotions from all over the {keep reading}

Captain America: Civil War - {A Slightly off kilter review}

Captain America: Civil War - {A Slightly off kilter review}It is no surprise that I'm a Marvel fan girl.  Definitely not as hard core as some, but a fan nonetheless.  So, when I was offered an opportunity to check out the latest installment in the Marvel Universe, Captain America: Civil War, I jumped at the chance.  Did I care that I had to drive through downtown Austin, during rush hour, taking roughly an hour an a half to drive 23 miles?  Nope.  Did I hesitate to rearrange my evening {keep reading}

Thoughts from the train

Most of y'all know that I've got a new gig that I LOVE.  It does mean that I am working downtown... which has it's upsides... Like working from the rooftop patio during nice weather... And my view from my office space: It does have it's downsides too... But I'm not fighting traffic at least because, as you know if you FaceStalk me, I take the train.  And the train commute is nothing if not entertaining. So over the last few weeks, I've jotted down a {keep reading}

Thoughts from the SSA

I haven't blogged in a while. It's not due to lack of material... Although some of what's rattling around in my brain is far too convoluted to put into words because that would make it real and I'm not ready for that yet. Some of what's rattling around in … [Read more...]

The voices in our heads

There has been more than one occasion where I share the voices in our heads... Usually it's about emotion stuff but tonight, as I sit here not wanting to cook the "planned" dinner but fighting off the voices that can be disastrous instead.  For … [Read more...]

Beginnings are exciting

I shared a week and a half ago that changes were afoot... Both professionally with my new career and personally with Medifast.  Both are exciting and invigorating but it's the personal changes I want to share with you today.  So far with … [Read more...]

This seems familiar…

Funny thing about vacations... There's always that bit of downtime where you can really think. (At least for me that's how it works.) There I sit in the mountains where everything is still and quiet (mostly because the boys are asleep) where I've got no … [Read more...]

Mawwiage… is what brings us together

I normally shy away from the political stuff here. I prefer to keep things light and fun... except when I get really deep about my own stuff but that's not really the point I'm trying to make. I like happy and today was filled with happy all over my … [Read more...]

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