Camping on a whole new level

I never went to a traditional sleep away camp growing up. I mean I went to dance camp and I remember that being at SMU for a week away from the parents but camp CAMP? Never happened. I think a lot of that is because it wasn't really needed. Mom was home … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Dark Side

The last time I bought a laptop, it was 2007. I was in marriage #2... Just started a new job... I bought a HUGE HP because it had 10-key keypad and ran Windows Vista. A lot of things have changed since then. That lappy was so big it was't exactly … [Read more...]

Running late

Last night we decided to run to a newly vacated duplex to evaluate its condition and schedule all the turn around activities since the new tenant is scheduled to move in next weekend. We were all going to go, and the plan was to be there by 9:30am … [Read more...]

Four Words

I don't recall the first time I saw the image below but it has stuck with me ever since. Actually... it wasn't the image. The image I just googled for, but the words I read years ago.  It was the imagery that stuck... and the idea that an … [Read more...]

Thoughts from the SSA

I haven't blogged in a while. It's not due to lack of material... Although some of what's rattling around in my brain is far too convoluted to put into words because that would make it real and I'm not ready for that yet. Some of what's rattling around in … [Read more...]